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On Friday February 14th we’ll have a memorial to remember my mother in law Sharon, whom we lost on February 2nd. A sad day, indeed, but we’ll take some time away from grieving to celebrate her life. I first met Sharon in December of 1983, and while I doubt that she had any inkling of […]

Twenty seven years. More detail here Dig that 1980s formal wear. Kudos to My Child Bride – she planned the event entirely. And we paid for the entire soiree ourselves. No debt was incurred. Heaven forbid that I attempt to dis-assemble the wedding photo album, least I be unable so re-assemble it, so I just […]

29 Days in 2011.

11, Apr 2012

[Train of thought reflections on a very bad 2011 – written in 8 minutes, no editing.] “Mom has leukemia.” My oldest sister Becky was calling on a Saturday afternoon early in March 2011.  Mom had been describing vague flu-like symptoms for the better part of a month, and had finally relented about going to the […]

Happy Birthday, Dad

10, Apr 2012

Happy birthday Dad. John L Davey April 10, 1927 – May 17, 2005 USMC / USAF

History denotes July 20th as a date of significance. In 1969, Neil Armstrong took that first step onto another heavenly body, descending from the Lunar Module Eagle, onto the surface of the moon at the Sea of Tranquility. But I hold the date in 1986 more closely. Today marks the 25th anniversary of our wedding. […]

Having a four year old and an eight year old means we’ve endured a bunch of PBS, Nick Jr., Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network. Our kids have been watching this show on the Disney Channel for the past several months, and I am now considering  nominating it’s theme song to The Pantheon Of All Time […]

Happy Birthday Ken!

14, Aug 2009

My younger brother Ken celebrates his birthday today. We are only 18 months apart, so as Forrest Gump put it so eloquently, we grew up like peas & carrots. The remarkable thing about my brother is how when we were younger, we were interested in so many different things, but later, we ended up interested […]

Today my big brother is celebrating his birthday in Austin TX, where he and his wife have lived since 1984. We certainly never get to see enough of them, or of their daughters. Chris is five years older than me, and consequently we never played with the same toys, only ball. Also, Chris went to […]