Happy Birthday Christopher!

Today my big brother is celebrating his birthday in Austin TX, where he and his wife have lived since 1984. We certainly never get to see enough of them, or of their daughters.

Chris is five years older than me, and consequently we never played with the same toys, only ball. Also, Chris went to the Berkley School For The Deaf, and was gone during the school week to return on Friday nights. So growing up, there was a good deal of separation.

As is true with most older siblings, ‘stuff’ rolls downhill. And Chris rolled enough stuff down to us.

It is also true that absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Like me, Chris lives in a house with three women. I call this, la Casa de Estrogen. And we are, sufferers united. We ought to start a group…

So on this day, in sympathy, and in love, I wish a very happy birthday to my bro – a very good man!






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