Thirty Years To A Long Goodbye.

On Friday February 14th we’ll have a memorial to remember my mother in law Sharon, whom we lost on February 2nd.

A sad day, indeed, but we’ll take some time away from grieving to celebrate her life. I first met Sharon in December of 1983, and while I doubt that she had any inkling of the long lasting and significant bond we’d develop, she warmly welcomed me into her family. Directly attributable to Sharon and my father in law Jim, are the three greatest gifts in my life: Meirve, who then brought me Megan and Kaitlin. I am eternally grateful for the way Sharon has impacted my life these last 30 plus years.

Having only had one grandmother alive when I was born, I’m thankful that Meg and Kaitie have had the blessings of being able to have had all four of their grandparents in their lives, even if only for a little while.

And while there is appreciably little I can do to assuage the the overwhelming sorrow felt by our family, I know that the promise of tomorrow, and the gladness for all our yesterdays, will allow each of us a small measure of relief.

A Brighter Day Tomorrow







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