A Silver Quarter Century: The Time Of Our Lives

History denotes July 20th as a date of significance.

In 1969, Neil Armstrong took that first step onto another heavenly body, descending from the Lunar Module Eagle, onto the surface of the moon at the Sea of Tranquility.

But I hold the date in 1986 more closely. Today marks the 25th anniversary of our wedding. It is difficult to fathom that an event that seemed like it had happened just yesterday, in fact happened a quarter century ago.

In the intervening 25 years we’ve seen the world change, experienced our shares of triumphs and joys, a few disappointments, followed new paths, held faith to the core of our lives together, and have been blessed and enriched by the trials of parenthood. We’ve lost cherished family and friends. We’ve endured, leaning on each other, and have been rewarded with the warm embrace of dear friends and family.

What is the secret to a lasting marriage? I don’t know. For starters I would encourage you to find the absolute best girl in the world like I did.

I just know that early on, we knew, knew, that we belonged together. It was never in doubt. We disagree, get frustrated with each other, and occasionally have different goals. I’d say that 75% of the time I’m right and she is wrong (ahem, *actual* statistic is 8.5%, but I prefer to round up) But mostly, I think for us, we just live our love every day.

Our blessings are legion, our troubles comparatively small.The measure of my devotion is incalculable. We were kids when we married, and we have genuinely grown up together. For 28 of my 44 years, she has been the absolute center of my world. So to my Child Bride, I say thank you, for the time of our lives.

And now, a silly song:

When I look in your eyes
I forget for a while, there’s a world spinning ’round
Life in motion

And I just want to stay
In your arms for a day
And we’ll live out loud
It’s the time of our lives







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