Happy Birthday Ken!

My younger brother Ken celebrates his birthday today. We are only 18 months apart, so as Forrest Gump put it so eloquently, we grew up like peas & carrots.

The remarkable thing about my brother is how when we were younger, we were interested in so many different things, but later, we ended up interested in the same things. Sports, music, John Wayne, War novels. Weirdness…

Ken was always the most athletically gifted among the 7 of us. Quite honestly, “Hey now, you’re an All Star, get your game on, go play”.

And he’s wicked funny, with a supremely sick sense of humor. If I can ever find the tapes we made of his interpretation of the “Gucci Longhorns” you’ll be in for a treat.

And yeah, I cut his finger off when he was 2, and I was 3. What? They sewed it back on! It’s okay, he stabbed me all the way through the finger with a fork later. It got better.

More impressively, while he’s always been a fantastic brother and friend, in the past 15 years he’s become an extraordinary father. So Happy Birthday, Ki-Ki Bo-Bo!







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