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  • Thirty Years To A Long Goodbye.

    Thirty Years To A Long Goodbye.

    On Friday February 14th we’ll have a memorial to remember my mother in law Sharon, whom we lost on February 2nd. A sad day, indeed, but we’ll take some time away from grieving to celebrate her life. I first met Sharon in December of 1983, and while I doubt that she had any inkling of…

  • Missing a distinctive voice

    Missing a distinctive voice

    In this political season, I find myself missing a particular voice.  A voice that was as unique as any other audibly, and in terms of his happy warrior tone. Dean Barnett would really be enjoying this ride in 2012, and would lend a valuable voice to the current debate. A voice that could help us all…

  • 29 Days in 2011.

    [Train of thought reflections on a very bad 2011 – written in 8 minutes, no editing.] “Mom has leukemia.” My oldest sister Becky was calling on a Saturday afternoon early in March 2011.  Mom had been describing vague flu-like symptoms for the better part of a month, and had finally relented about going to the…

  • Happy Birthday, Dad

    Happy birthday Dad. John L Davey April 10, 1927 – May 17, 2005 USMC / USAF

  • Project 2996

    Ten years on, and that terrible day still lingers over our nation. Ten years. Most often, I remember the feelings of that day. The sense of loss, shock, and despair. But for those lost that day, for their family and friends, we should try to mark that day with the glory of the lives that…

  • Bad. Ass(es). Finnish. First.

    Where have all the cowboys gone? Over at Shot In The Dark, Mitch Berg details the war time exploits of Simo Häyhä. Sniper extrodinaire, with over 500 confirmed kills to his credit in about 100 days. Today would have been his 105th birthday. Happy Birthday Simo!

  • One Year Later: Remembering Dean Barnett

    October 27th marks one year since the passing of Dean Barnett. Dean and I were the same age (I’m actually 4 months older) and I felt a special connection with Dean when I first found his writing at Soxblog in 2004 (although that AWFUL white text on black background in the blog’s final iteration required…