Project 2996

Ten years on, and that terrible day still lingers over our nation.

Ten years.

Most often, I remember the feelings of that day. The sense of loss, shock, and despair. But for those lost that day, for their family and friends, we should try to mark that day with the glory of the lives that these souls lived.

An effort to remember the innocent souls lost that day, and the impact that they had on their family, friends, and this world, is conducted annually at Project 2996. The point is to remember the grace of these good people, and what they gave to our world. We try not to recall the evil of that day, or the way they were taken from us. Hundreds of them still lack a remembrance. We need to correct that.

If you have a website, a blog, anything where you can post a remembrance, please consider helping out. Even if it is only a post to mark their passing, or perhaps a link to another memorial. Research and detail would be wonderful, but the most important thing is the effort to remember someone.

It has been ten years. But it isn’t too long to let them be forgotten.  Can you help?



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