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Steven Greenhut offers an insightful analysis of the current state of the California Republican Party following the 2016 general election. An election that saw the California GOP slide further into irrelevance, giving California Democrats Super Majorities in both the State Assembly and the State Senate. Greenhut observes: In swing districts, the GOP can grab the […]

The California  Legislative Analyst’s Office’s Chief Analyst Mac Taylor is forecasting a budget surplus that could reach $2.4 billion by June 2014 and $5.6 billion by June 2015. The actual projection made by the LAO has the state at a $10 billion surplus in six years, provided that revenue and spending patterns continue at the same […]

Received a delightful letter from the Republican National Committee. Seems that they are concerned that, well, I’ve gone loco.     I’ve got… a problem with  this. First, I’ve never contributed directly to the RNC. I’ve never been a member of the RNC. I have contributed to individual candidates. But I’ve never contributed to the […]

I received a charming call from a national GOP fundraiser on Saturday asking me to ‘renew‘ my commitment to the National Party. I demurred, making certain that she understood that while I had contributed to the Presidential campaign in the general election, I was dissatisfied with the national party’s efforts across all fronts: Congressional, Senatorial, and the […]

Hey fellow Conservatives and the GOP, here’s my post election theme song. Don’t call me, I’ll call you. In January. Maybe.

How soon we forget: To all persons, citizens of Sonoma, requesting them to remain at peace, and to follow their rightful occupations without fear of molestation. The Commander in Chief of the Troops assembled at the Fortress of Sonoma gives his inviolable pledge to all persons in California not found under arms that they shall […]

I’ve had this old song by Fastball clanging inside my head for a few weeks, because I had heard it for the first time in a good long while on And now it occurs to me that perhaps it might be an appropriate theme song for my home state of California, following the results […]