SPAM Filter Catch O’ The Day 08/26/09

Kindly provided via SPAM Assassin:

Any message with the subjects ; Refill, Reorder, Order, or Available For Pickup

Disappointing, because it means that there are enough people THAT dumb, that spammers continue to send these by the bucket full. Just go away.






2 responses to “SPAM Filter Catch O’ The Day 08/26/09”

  1. snowed in Avatar

    That’s all well and good…unfortunately, my pharmacy sends automated me e-mails telling me when my prescriptions are ready for pickup. Luckily, my filter can tell the difference between the real ones and the fake ones.

  2. juanitocabrone Avatar

    In 3 days I have over 350 “Refill, Reorder, Order, or Available For Pickup” messages flagged as SPAM. And that’s just on my own personal mailserver. It’s worse on the mailservers I admin for commercial businesses with public facing e-mail addresses listed on their websites and in marketing materials.

    And while I can train the filter on my mail client, and on the mail server, I still check for false positives, and have to wade through all those blasted messages.

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