Remembering Louise A. Lynch

Louise A Lynch. Photo provided by CNN

UPDATED From September 11, 2009

I was assigned to remember Louise A. Lynch as a participant in Project 2996.

I am honored, and very privileged to do so.

Sadly, I discovered that there wasn’t much public information available about Louise. And that is a tragedy, because, from all accounts, hers was truly a life well lived.

Louise was 58 years old on September 11, 2001. She was an employee of Marsh & McLennan in the World Trade Center. She lived in Amityville, NY

A posting by her family at the Marsh & McLennan memorial site speaks volumes about the impact that Louise had on her family:

“the memory of Louise has not diminished in her small family circle. Her presence is still strong in our lives and her influence is felt on many occasions. Her spirit lives on in the way we cherish the little things in life that make us laugh and keep us together. Louise taught us all a lesson in every day courage and dedication to what was her only treasure; her family”

I’ve found that she had a daughter Maria, whom she adored, and I’ve read a few postings from her Nephew, John Bennett, who mentioned that she enjoyed the Neil Diamond song Forever In Blue Jeans. John also notes that she prepared numerous feasts that she loved to share.

Her co-workers remarked on how much they enjoyed working with her, and how over-the-top helpful she was to one and all.

A small tribute to Louise can be found here

Please take some time today for a special thought for Louise Lynch, and remember, that everyone has the opportunity to make a special significant contribution to the world, just in the kindness and thoughtfulness we show to each other, from Louise’s example. Her courage, strength and uncommon grace should be treasured by one and all.

A single life lost. The value and joy that it contained and was shared by all that knew her. Immeasurable.

God Bless you Louise. Rest well.

UPDATED 09/11/10:

I’ve found a small photo of Louise from CNN. I’ve included it here and updated the post.

Also, I had a comment from Louise’s daughter Maria last year on September 11th, after she googled her mother’s name, and found this post. I cannot possibly convey how honored I was that Maria left a remark, and further, would like to note that Maria indicated that the street that her parents resided on for 30 years in Amityville, NY,  was named for Louise last year, due to Maria’s effort to honor her mother: Louise A. Lynch Memorial Lane.

UPDATED 09/09/2016:

Had to make a photo from a Google Street View. This day will always remind me of the sweet woman I’ve never met, from Amityville NY.

Louse A Lynch Memorial Parkway



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11 responses to “Remembering Louise A. Lynch”

  1. Cathy Avatar

    “A single life lost. The value and joy that it contained and was shared by all that knew her. Immeasurable.”

    Perfectly written. Well done.

  2. Lula Avatar

    Very touching.

  3. Maria Lynch Avatar
    Maria Lynch

    I googled my Moms name and this was the first thing that came up. I’m amazed that you were able to put together such an on point description of her. Thank you for that 🙂

    Our street was dedicated to her today. Louise A. Lynch Memorial Lane. e-mail me!

  4. juanitocabrone Avatar

    Maria, I’ll send you an e-mail later today. Thank you for your kindness. And thank you for sharing your Mother’s enduring legacy with the world. I feel bad that I wasn’t able to truly honor your Mother, in the manner which she richly deserves. Hopefully I can do better next time.

    Every year the struggle for me is to remember to honor those precious souls lost that terrible day, and to try to suppress this terrible rage I have against those vile perpetrators. They can have the other days of the year – I want to reserve this day for the grace of good people such as your mother.

    I really appreciate your comments, and I look forward to dropping you a note soon. My thoughts are with you and your family this day.

  5. James Poisso Avatar
    James Poisso

    Maria, I was about to e-mail you this when I saw you had found it earlier this morning. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers today, along with all of those who lost a loved one 8 years ago today.

  6. The Gonzo Mama Avatar

    Thank you for reposting and updating this. How wonderful that Maria’s efforts to ensure Louise’s memory lives on produced such enduring results! Great post.

  7. Mary Allocca Avatar
    Mary Allocca

    I am from Amityville, NY. I used to see Louise with her daughter at 12 o’clock Sunday Mass at St. Martin of Tours, Amityville. I would see her at the Amityville train station. I remember she took the 7:04 am train to Brooklyn. (At the time I was a Long Island Rail Road empoloyee). One night I found a cell phone on the evening train. I picked it up and called it. It was Louise’s phone, but I did not realize who she was until I delivered her phone to her home. When I saw her picture on TV at one on the 9/11 rememberance ceremonies, I was shocked. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t think of her.

  8. juanitocabrone Avatar

    Mary, thanks for keeping the memory of Louise close in your heart. More than any other soul lost on that day, Louise is the one that touches me daily.

  9. Tiffany Avatar

    Thank you for compiling Louise’s facts of life and posting this article. This past weekend, on the 10th Anniversary of the attacks, three thousand flags were on display in a small town in southern PA. It is known around here as the Healing Field. Each flag had a card with someone’s name who passed that day along with a small bio. The sea of flags was absolutely breathtaking in the most intense way. I chose to sponsor a flag for my family and, after reading many cards, I chose to sponsor Louise. What struck me on her card was the dedication she had to her daughter and it mentioned they were best friends. My little girl is three and I would be lost without her. Thankfully, through this site, I was able to learn much more about Louise and put a face to the name. Her flag is in my house with a yellow ribbon tied under the flag and a black ribbon on the top. I will never forget the events that transpired on 9/11, my children will grow up to know the truth, and Louise will be fondly remembered in our home. God Bless her family and the USA.

  10. juanitocabrone Avatar


    Thrilled to hear that you selected Louise’s card from the many souls lost that day.

    Louise will always be the person I think of first when I think of that day. Just saw a post this morning about Louise from Newsday. A Wonderful story about her family, her daughter Maria, and Maria’s one year old son.

    What a legacy Louise has left us.

  11. saa13386 Avatar

    Today my Catholic high school did a prayer service during all theology classes for all those who lost their lives in 9-11, 10 years ago. During the prayer service, they handed around a basket with bracelets. On the bracelets were written names with ages on them; all of whom had died on 9-11. Our school did this in cooperation with other Catholic schools, but I’m so glad I was able to research Louise and find out something about the person whom I was praying for today.

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