Woe unto me.

It worked out okay for George Bailey!!

Four week Recap:

The dog smacks me in the jaw with his Adamantium skull resulting in…

A broken tooth, resulting in…

A root canal, resulting in…

Parenthsia – the left side of my tongue is numb yet tingles and burns at the same time.

New tires on one car.

HVAC goes out at the house. HVAC Tech reports the controller card is burned (happened once before several years ago, repaired  at the princely cost of $1100). $637 to replace the card, but the Tech also notes that it looks like the Air Handler should be replaced, for the one-time-only-price-of $3500. But really, if we replace the Air Handler, we should replace the entire system, including the Heat Pump – damage: $10 Large. I find a controller card online for $100 and install it – (If I can build servers, then I can install a card). HVAC is working (and there was much rejoicing…) but for how long?

Roof Leak. Repaired – damage: Si, mas dinero.

Rock THROUGH the windshield of my truck – damage: Deductible

Pretty much everything / everyone I vote for loses. California!

Replaced the Motor mounts on the car. They’re ELECTRONIC motor mounts! Jetsons motor mounts from the future! Damage: four figure financial outlay.

A day later, the Transmission goes out in the same car. Shop says it looks like a bad TCM, which is pricey but better than a transmission rebuild or replacement, but he can’t flash the Nissan TCM, only the dealership can. The dealership reports: The transmission is dead! About $4 grrr to replace. For a car we were going to get rid of in a few months. Bleh.

Borrow our old car from Mom’s house. Drive it home. Pull in the garage and hear metal on metal instead of the typical brake noise. Do my first brake job since 1997. Bonus: brake parts for a 16 year old car are CHEAP! Victory!
(Mom – your brakes work pretty good now!)

Here’s hoping for a calamity free week! Wait – I get my permanent crown on Friday.
Darn dog.






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