Watching The Detectives: Harry O

I remember one of the Harry O TV Movies better than the series itself.

It seemed a shame to waste David Jansen on this series, since he was so good in The Fugitive. I always think of him as Dr. Richard Kimmel. I also liked him in O’Hara U.S. Treasury.

This show only lasted for 2 years 1974 – 1976. And it wasn’t ratings that killed it, ABC just wanted to go in a different direction with their network (Battle Of The Network Stars no doubt).

Strangely, the series started in San Diego, as Harry was a Police officer forced to retire from the San Diego PD after being shot in the back while on duty. It relocated to Los Angeles in it’s second season because it was too expensive to film in San Diego. Next set of detectives for San Diego? In the next decade with Simon And Simon

And now, Harry O






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