The Customer Is Always Right! Mostly. Sometimes.

Hit the local Round Table Pizza (2650 Cameron Park Dr. Ste 100 Cameron Park, CA 95682 (530) 677-9055) Saturday night when we discovered that, apparently, the children would like to consume some nourishment before retiring for the evening.

Called in the order for a large King Aurthur Supreme, and one Medium Cheese. Ready in 25 minutes. Five minute drive over to the eatery, paid, asked for Parmesan Cheese and Crushed Red Peppers – they’re out of Parmesan, and have one packet of Red Peppers available.  Well then, fine.

Clerk / Manager opens both boxes (to ensure quality?) confirms pizzas are contained therein. Took Pizzas home. Opened the Medium Cheese: If I had poured lighter fluid (or some other suitable accelerant) on it, set it ablaze, and placed it in a plutonium pile in an active reactor I couldn’t have burned it more. Pretty much Coal Shale, with black as the primary hue, and a smattering of phlegm brown for effect.

Called Round Table: Friend, you’ve clearly conducted a calorie burning test on this disc of carbon, I need you to make this right. Response: ’sure, it will be ready in 15 minutes’. Wait ten minutes, then drive back.

Now, we’ve frequented this establishment for 14 years. The past two years the quality has been… inconsistent and in decline. So I asked to speak with the Manager, seeking no additional relief, just to acknowledge that they seemed to be having a quality control problem, because clearly there is a problem, since the fellow who completed our transaction opened both boxes and saw the evidence of nuclear weapons development contained in the Medium Cheese Pizza Box, and sent it out the door anyway. Just an effort to curb any repeat incident. Response: ‘That was the manager, and he just left for his break (whispered aside: I think he was trying to dodge you)’.

My response: Perhaps I shall frequent the Pizzeria across the roadway then.

Clerk’s response: ‘Ah, okay. Sorry.’

In summation: the Round Table Pizza at 2650 Cameron Park Dr. Ste 100 Cameron Park, CA 95682 (530) 677-9055 should be avoided.



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