Stuck In My Ear: Toy Matinee – Last Plane Out

I remember Toy Matinee, well, Kevin Gilbert really, performing this acoustically at a Sacramento Rawk station (station shall stay nameless because it was mis-managed by a succession of jackholes) back in 1990. Sadly while the song itself was somewhat popular, no record company support, and collaborator disinterest, put the kibosh on any meaningful Toy Matinee follow up efforts.

Kevin, Sacramento born, was a member of the Pasadena based Tuesday Music Club, and started bringing his girlfriend Sheryl Crow along. The result: Kevin co-wrote many of the songs on Crow’s breakout Tuesday Night Music Club.

Kevin passed away in 1996 just as he was being considered as a replacement for Phil Collins in Genesis. His death wasn’t tragic, it was stupid. If you care to learn more about it, check out his listing on Wikipedia.

I’d prefer to just enjoy the music he left behind.

Here, then, The Last Plane Out






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