Stuck In My Ear: Robbie Robertson “Showdown At Big Sky”

Not really a huge fan of The Band. They always seemed so pretentious, and as far as their politics, well, Canada, you know, eh?

However, Robbie Robertson solo from The Band, is a different performer.

This song in particular sticks in my head. Lavishly produced, and as high quality as anything that Robertson has done. Reputedly about the looming Nuclear confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union (remember this was released in 1987!).

I heard Robertson on Rockline (I think!) when the album was released, and he said that he got the idea for the title from an episode of Bonanza where Hoss loses his virginity. I cannot find any such episode of Bonanza, however mark my words, that indeed, would have been “A Very Special Episode…” Whether that is true or not, I like the backstory.

And yes! Backing vocals by The BoDeans!






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