San Francisco considers new tolls.. to cross town.

A bit of Friday morning delight. From the Sacramento Bee:

San Francisco transportation officials are considering charging drivers to cross downtown and the city’s southern border with San Mateo County.
Among the ideas under consideration is a $6 charge to leave the city’s northeast sector, which includes the Financial District, weekdays between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m.
Hey – kind of like a ransom, no? The Toll receipt should look just like a ransom note, using letters cut out of news papers and magazines!
I believe that we have discovered the key to solving California’s budget problems. We just need to charge people to leave the state. A big ‘ol toll booth on the eastern terminus of Highway 50 At the Y in South Lake Tahoe. Why not a Floriston Wall on Interstate 80, similar to the one we lost in Berlin?
We can charge for visitors too! Get ’em coming and going!
While we’re at it, let’s get rid of those pesky Red Light Cameras. Let’s just charge implement a Red Light Tax Fee. Everyone pays! Those things cost money to run, you know.
What about those that don’t use cars? That’s a lot of potential revenue that we’re leaving on the table. Very well, time to initiate the Cross Walk Toll. That will be used in conjunction with the Just Standing There Toll.
I don’t know why our State Budget was so late, when the streets here are paved with gold.

Photo by Noah Berger / San Francisco Chronicle



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