Nailed it.

Mitch Berg, over at Shot In The Dark nails it:

So how much money did Ted Kennedy spend to eke out this past 15 months or so?  It’s his money, and it’s his life, and I won’t begrudge him a dollar or a day.

But if a 77 year old man with highly-advanced brain cancer, plenty of chronic conditions related to decades of heavy drinking, and a good 60 pounds overweight went into a doctor’s office in Sweden or the UK or Canada, what do you suppose the prognosis, course of treatment, or results would have been?  Not just for any given 77 year old man, mind you, but 100 of them whose profiles match each other fairly closely?

Naming a health rationing system after a man whose struggle the system would have made impossible makes sense – in the curious little world of Democrat social policy.

Rest in peace, Ted Kennedy.

Die in pain, Obamacare

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Nicely played, Mitch.







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