Dan Cnossen could use our help

Dan Cnossen is an amazing young man.


Naval Academy Gradute.

Seal Team Member.

Two deployments in Iraq.

One deployment to the Philippines.

One deployment to Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, he tripped an IED. He lost both his legs above the knees. He also suffered numerous other injuries. Surgeries are a frequent occurrence for him. And will be for a while to come.

Dan’s Mother and Sister have dropped everything to assist him in his recovery. That means jobs, and the towns that they lived in to be close to Dan, currently at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. He and his family could use a bit of help.  I think that Dan has done more than enough for us, lets see if we can do a little bit for him.

Even five dollars could make a difference for this noble man. Do what you can please.

Learn more about Dan’s story here.






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