Bad Detectives 11/13/09: Dan August

If there’s one thing I remember about Burt Reynolds on TV (well, other than that he was a bad guy on Flipper and seeing him on Gunsmoke) is that guy could leap! I remember that my brother and I used to try to copy his keen slide in the church, at home  in our kitchen. Maybe we should have tried it in church because we usually just hit the wall at the back of the kitchen. If only our parents had left the wood floors as they were instead of installing the wall to wall carpeting…

But here he is running. And leaping. And running. And racing. And leaping. And fighting. And leaping. I suppose this hearkens back to his football days at Florida.

This show aired for one season. But that was enough. How could you not like this show? Mr. Roper, The Six Million Dollar Man’s Oscar Goldman… what more could you ask for?

OK – Special Guest Star Fernando Lamas.

Happy now?

Here then – is Dan August.






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