AT&T is NOT my friend

After six weeks of scheduling our IPFlex circuit move with ATT they conclude: “We just need 48 hours notice to test and turn up your circuit” for our mid-September move to our new building.

Friday at noon on a holiday weekend, from AT&T: “If you don’t get the router installed and have our team test and turn up the circuit within 90 minutes, your move will be delayed by three weeks!!!”

Keep in mind:

  • I have the router in our current building.
  • The new building is under construction.
  • The server room is still missing two walls.
  • The wiring vendor is still wiring the suite.
  • The circuit was just installed in the demarc downstairs, and I need to pull two CAT5 runs 220 feet from downstairs to the comm room upstairs.
  • And the new building is 20 minutes away.

Sure, I got it done and tested in 60 minutes. But that’s no way to start a holiday weekend.

And AT&T reports: The move will still be delayed by two weeks.

AT&T can pound sand.







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