A day for silence.

I don’t post very often. So essentially, this site is quiet most days.

But, in support of some people who are being terrorized for simply exercising their right to free speech, I’ll announce that there is a reason to remain silent today.

Convicted Domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his criminal allies need to be stopped. This is a land of laws. And the law needs to be enforced.

Ace sums it up best.

Brett Kimberlin was true to his word. As recounted in the biography for which he himself cooperated, Brett Kimberlin has filed 100 lawsuits or more on his own behalf. He has sued, or harassed, or both,judges, prosecutors, witnesses, wardens, reporters, and even, oddly, Senator Orrin Hatch (Orrin Hatch apparently joined the Conspiracy Against Brett Kimberlin at some point in his senatorial career).

He also sued a victim of his bombing, to escape the money judgement awarded to her for her husband’s maiming by one of his bombs. That husband, Vietnam War hero Major Carl DeLong, eventually took his own life.

Carl DeLong had survived Vietnam, but he did not survive Brett Kimberlin.

Apart from the United Nations and World Court — which, it turns out, do not have jurisdiction over bombing sprees in Indiana — Brett Kimberlin has filed suit after suit protesting his perfect innocence in the Speedway Bombings and harassing and threatening those who say otherwise.

Released from prison in 2000, Brett Kimberlin has now turned his jailhouse lawyer skills on a new pool of victims: Bloggers who dare to publicly mention, on their small-scale electronic newspapers, Brett Kimberlin’s criminal record. And the avalanche of frivolous, vexatious, and outright malicious lawsuits begins anew, as well as more alarming harassments.

Just a few the quiet people.

Michelle Malkin

Stacy McCain

Mandy Nagy

Patterico victim of SWATing

Ali Akbar

Erick Erickson, victim of SWATing

Dan Collins

Lee Stranahan

Ed Morrissey

Chris Muir’s dark strip for today

And Aaron Walker who our own government has forced by legal diktat to be quiet.

Please contact your Representative in the US House, and your US Senators about this egregious violation of Free Speech rights. Politics aside, free speech is one of the basic tenets of our Freedom. These terrorist threats have crossed state lines, and certainly have violated FCC rules. The FBI should be investigating this.







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