Watching The Detectives: Baretta

Even at the tender age of 8 I just knew, knew, that it was Sammy Davis Jr. singing the theme to Baretta. I also just knew, knew, that in one episode that I was witnessing the the entire dynamic acting spectrum of star Robert Blake. Which wasn’t much. Nice touches, such as Baretta’s pet Cockatoo ...

SPAM Filter Catch O’ The Day 12/16/09

Kindly provided via SPAM Assassin: The concentrated machodizer! Quein es mas macho? El Concentrated Machodizer, orrrrrrr, Ricardo Montalban? El Concentrated Machodizer es muy macho, pero, El Concentrated Machodizer es SPAM! Senor Montalban con Senor Roarke y Kahn est immortales! Ricardo Montalban es mas macho! Follow