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29 Days in 2011.

11, Apr 2012

[Train of thought reflections on a very bad 2011 – written in 8 minutes, no editing.] “Mom has leukemia.” My oldest sister Becky was calling on a Saturday afternoon early in March 2011.  Mom had been describing vague flu-like symptoms for the better part of a month, and had finally relented about going to the […]

Happy Birthday, Dad

10, Apr 2012

Happy birthday Dad. John L Davey April 10, 1927 – May 17, 2005 USMC / USAF

Victor Davis Hanson posits at Pajamas Media on the past state of California’s greatness, and our lack of attribution to those who carried the burden of achieving it: 5) I can never quite understand the writ against our ancestors. I came into this world in 1953 replete with electricity, and modern medicine at the dawn […]

History denotes July 20th as a date of significance. In 1969, Neil Armstrong took that first step onto another heavenly body, descending from the Lunar Module Eagle, onto the surface of the moon at the Sea of Tranquility. But I hold the date in 1986 more closely. Today marks the 25th anniversary of our wedding. […]

A bit of Friday morning delight. From the Sacramento Bee: San Francisco transportation officials are considering charging drivers to cross downtown and the city’s southern border with San Mateo County. Among the ideas under consideration is a $6 charge to leave the city’s northeast sector, which includes the Financial District, weekdays between 3:30 and 6:30 […]

Woe unto me.

7, Nov 2010

Four week Recap: The dog smacks me in the jaw with his Adamantium skull resulting in… A broken tooth, resulting in… A root canal, resulting in… Parenthsia – the left side of my tongue is numb yet tingles and burns at the same time. New tires on one car. HVAC goes out at the house. […]

Hit the local Round Table Pizza (2650 Cameron Park Dr. Ste 100 Cameron Park, CA 95682 (530) 677-9055) Saturday night when we discovered that, apparently, the children would like to consume some nourishment before retiring for the evening. Called in the order for a large King Aurthur Supreme, and one Medium Cheese. Ready in 25 […]

October 27th marks one year since the passing of Dean Barnett. Dean and I were the same age (I’m actually 4 months older) and I felt a special connection with Dean when I first found his writing at Soxblog in 2004 (although that AWFUL white text on black background in the blog’s final iteration required […]

Nailed it.

26, Aug 2009

Mitch Berg, over at Shot In The Dark nails it: So how much money did Ted Kennedy spend to eke out this past 15 months or so?  It’s his money, and it’s his life, and I won’t begrudge him a dollar or a day. But if a 77 year old man with highly-advanced brain cancer, […]

Cannot fathom that 8 years have passed so quickly. And what joy was until then unknown to us. Happy 8th birthday Megs! Just for you, a fireworks extravaganza tonight at Cameron Park Lake!