Stuck In My Ear: Everclear – Wonderful

All of the quality copies of this video are non-embeddable. Your loss. Here’s a copy of just the audio with the lyrics displayed. Possibly the best Rock lyric EVAH: Some days, I hate everything. Everyone and everything Or if you want to go see the officially released, pretty version, check out this one. Follow

Bizzaro World Whitey Gleason

Rumors are circulating that Sports 1140 KHTK’s Whitey Gleason is something of an Action Movie Star. But are there two Whitey Gleasons? One, a sharp witted broadcaster, mimic, parody song-crafter, and basketball whipping boy. The other, the Bizarro Whitey Gleason? Consider: Bizarro Whitey Gleason as we see him in 1988’s Die Hard Here, Bizarro White Gleason ponders: ...

Blog SPAM 01/12/10

12. January 2010 Blog SPAM 1
Culled from the site’s Comment SPAM Filters: Hi, I have already seen it somethere… Dude, ‘somethere’ isn’t even a word. And I think I’ve seen your comment ‘somethere’ too… oh  yeah, when it was Marked As SPAM Follow