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California has a long history with the ballot initiative process. Most famously, Proposition 13’s passage in 1978 heralded the Tax reform wave that swept the nation in the 1980s. Proposition 13 however, impacted  how the state collected revenue, but it did not impact how the state could spend tax dollars. The larger history of the California […]

29 Days in 2011.

11, Apr 2012

[Train of thought reflections on a very bad 2011 – written in 8 minutes, no editing.] “Mom has leukemia.” My oldest sister Becky was calling on a Saturday afternoon early in March 2011.  Mom had been describing vague flu-like symptoms for the better part of a month, and had finally relented about going to the […]

Happy Birthday, Dad

10, Apr 2012

Happy birthday Dad. John L Davey April 10, 1927 – May 17, 2005 USMC / USAF