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A bit of Friday morning delight. From the Sacramento Bee: San Francisco transportation officials are considering charging drivers to cross downtown and the city’s southern border with San Mateo County. Among the ideas under consideration is a $6 charge to leave the city’s northeast sector, which includes the Financial District, weekdays between 3:30 and 6:30 […]

Smitty, over at The Other McCain has orders to active duty in mid November, and will be arriving in Kabul Afghanistan before Christmas. A Naval Reservist, and graduate of Canoe U, he, like myself, is overage and decrepit. Yet the call goes out and he answers it. But don’t thank me; thank Americans, from the […]

Woe unto me.

7, Nov 2010

Four week Recap: The dog smacks me in the jaw with his Adamantium skull resulting in… A broken tooth, resulting in… A root canal, resulting in… Parenthsia – the left side of my tongue is numb yet tingles and burns at the same time. New tires on one car. HVAC goes out at the house. […]