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Live in early 1983. There is an old truism in Rock and Roll: Never name your band after a song. Or a song after your band. However, this song is a great jam tune. Always great live, although it only made it through the Dawn Patrol and Midnight Madness Tours. I used to practice this […]

No official Video, or concert video available. And other than the uber-queer graphic in this video (what the hell is that anyways?) always a nice listen. Here I am My heart in a sling Holding on to memories Wondering what might have been There you are Lost in a dream Full of life yet loneliness […]

Everyone always thinks that this is a love song. A ballad, of lost love. It is, after a fashion. Bassist Jack Blades lost his brother to a drug overdose, and hearing Jeff Watson’s instrumental, crafted this final lyrical goodbye to his brother. So it is a love song. For a lost love. As the sun […]

The 80s. Completely, unequivocally, the 80s. Totally. I’ve seen Night Ranger, and members of Night Ranger, in concert more times than I can count. This song live, even without the horns from the Tower Of Power, is a bit rougher. And that double neck Flying V Jeff Watson is sporting is pretty slick. Think of […]

From 1998’s Seven, Soul Survivor There’s a man Sits outside in front of Grazi’s cafe Dirty clothes, a bedroll and a smile He rubs his hands together Says “mister can you spare me some change? I’ve been down on my luck for a while” Yet I ‘m a soul survivor I sleep under the freeway […]

Originally appearing on the  virtually unheard reunion album, 1997’s Neverland, this live track is from the equally easily missed Rock In Japan Live 97. Penned by Jack Blades, the title itself is the hook, and signature of so many Blades’ songs: Simple, Silly, Sincere:  Forever All Over Again. If she wanted the world To be […]