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As promised. more Jon Butcher. Nice pacing on this one. Again, not really a music video, but embeddable, for listening sake.

Kindly provided via SPAM Assassin: Your ammo for love-battles Pat Benatar asks you to Stop Using Sex As A Weapon!

Heard on Olde Time radio Pat Novak For Hire: “Sooner or later you get burned, and it doesn’t make any difference whether you’re a man or a mouse. Because down in the waterfront, in San Francisco, they build the traps both ways… Down here, if you reach out to help a panhandler, the guy’ll take […]

This show was special because it was so close to home, and I’d seen most of the places in the show open. Plus it had the funk. Listen to them lay that wah wah down! With a real actor! Karl Malden. And Kirk Douglas’ kid. And the best guest stars! Also, where I picked up […]

Kindly provided via SPAM Assassin: Take your time to hump. No restrictions of mating I’m guessing, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

Kindly provided by SPAM Assassin (which I am thankful for today): I like it actually You will get it now Go and do it You are suppose to get it now Its your time now So Thankful.

Kindly provided via SPAM Assassin: said the man coldly I’m guessing the man said “you jackhole spammer” coldly. Well, that’s what I would say.

Heard on Olde Time radio Pat Novak For Hire: “I rent boats and tell a few white lies, if the price is right. It’s a happy life if you don’t mind looking up at a headstone, because sooner or later, you draw trouble a size too big.”

A song I haven’t heard since maybe 1990. But it pops into my head from time to time. Sadly, the album’s out of print, and while I haven’t checked, it would probably be impossible to find the original CD. Jon Butcher has a Hendrix-esque quality to his sound. Doesn’t hurt that his band’s name was […]

Kindly provided via SPAM Assassin: Carnal triumph elixir Let me guess; make mine a double?