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Kindly provided via SPAM Assassin: “They will really hate me because of this” I already do.

Cannot fathom that 8 years have passed so quickly. And what joy was until then unknown to us. Happy 8th birthday Megs! Just for you, a fireworks extravaganza tonight at Cameron Park Lake!

Kindly provided via SpamAssassin: Seat Nazism I get soup Nazi, but really, WHAT?!

Kindly provided via SpamAssassin: Install CRITICAL UPDATE for Microsoft Outlook! (attachment included) Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…

Kindly provided via SpamAssassin: Who can resist buying a cheap classy watch? Ah…….. me?

Kindly provided via SpamAssassin: Your presence is obligatory Why, yes. Yes it is.

Kindly provided via SpamAssassin: Genuine manliness is renewable at any age! Renewable? Men are goin’ green! And I’m okay with that – as long as it’s Genuine.

We’ve been Sprint customers for years and years (and years). Prior to the build out of additional cell towers in our quasi-rural area, Sprint offered the best call quality near our home, so Sprint it was. Our two year contract was up in March. I wanted to renew and pick up a new phone, specifically […]